Sabtu, 21 September 2013


No matter where life takes me, I'm affraid to pray for die, because people will die anyway.. But now, I dont know what to pray for, I just lost..

As I look into me searching for aggravitation, I found you in the pouring rain. Standing gently with an umbrella you take me into an adagio, a song that I've never been palying before.
You are my frienemies, my distraction, my blanket, could you help me?
Because before I die, I wanna show  my ancestor that I could raise my melody in adagio with you, my aggravitation, clearly at peace.
Because before I die, I wanna thank God for giving me clues to you, my aggravitation...
For giving me you, and my powerless life to be grateful to. So that I cannot be regret and give up for my unpredictable ages....

Hfp, 2013.

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